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Sony F350

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Sony produces its PDW-F350 HD camcorder to cater to independent filmmakers and professional cameramen. This camera offers multiple shooting modes, but its most impressive feature is slow motion/fast motion recording that maintains HD video quality at specific recording speeds. The specifications of the PDW-F350 meet the varied needs of a professional production.

  • Media: The PDW-F350 uses Sony's exclusive Professional Disc Media, a small plastic square that encloses a data disc. The single-layer disc holds 23 gigabytes of data, and the dual-layer disc holds 50 gigabytes.
  • Quality: The camera sensor includes three CCDs that provide 1.5 megapixel resolution each. The highest quality recording possible with this camera is 1920 by 1080 pixels.
  • LCD Screen: The LCD monitor measures 2.5 inches diagonally, and a 2-inch black and white eye-piece viewfinder provides an alternative view.