Neo Super Baltar (TLS)

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Focal Lengths               

20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 152mm



The Super Baltar lenses were first introduced by Bauch&Lomb in 1966. Long thought to have given The Godfather / The Godfather 2 its golden hue and romantic “look”, Super Baltars were the mainstay of the American film industry throughout the 1970’s. In fact, once the reflex camera had been adopted and the studio system was gone, Super Baltars shot many of the (spherical) films that characterized 1970’s American Cinema, such as The French Connection (1971), The Sting (1973), Five Easy Pieces (1970) and many others. With elements that included thorium and pronounced field curvature, the Super Baltars create the look defined by many legendary films. Known for glowing highlights and center sharpness, the Super Baltars help cinematographers erase the sharp articulation of digital sensors. With a reduction in contrast and a striking blueish flare, NEO Super Baltars produce a distinctively identical image. Original Super Baltars are now extremely rare, wherein the Neo Super Baltars, are manufactured from the original Bausch&Lomb optical design blueprints / prescriptions. Each Neo Super Baltar lens cell was produced using exact specifications to create an identical match to its origin lens. The new T M CAMERA SOLUTIONS Neo Super Baltar lenses feature TRUE LENS SERVICE mechanics with improved close focus (almost macro ability in some focal lengths), stainless steel PL mounts (LPL / PV mounts available) and extremely smooth cam-driven focus. Each lens has smart and dumb-side focus with accurate iris marks and imperial scales (metric available). Each lens is built to exacting standards for maximum performance. The TLS NEO Super Baltars are robust and solid lenses engineered for the demanding standards of professional cinematographers.