GL Optics Leica R Primes Rehoused 4th Gen

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Leica R primes are well known for their quality and character. They deliver images that are sharp and well-corrected, but still very flattering on your subject, and they flare beautifully. The lenses have been completely rehoused by GL Optics. GL also replaced the original irises with 14-blade irises that stay perfectly circular when stopped down, giving the lenses extremely smooth bokeh at any T stop.

These are GL Optics LATEST 4th GENERATION housings, which are superior to their old housings in every way. They are lighter, have smoother mechanics, and are more reliable than their predecessors. The lenses have 330 degree focus throw, 95mm fronts, PL mounts, and matching gear positions. GL improved close focus on almost every focal length, so nearly every lens focuses unbelievably close. These are professional cinema lenses ready for demanding productions.

LENS           Aperture     CF          OD 

19mm            T2.9                12″           95mm

24mm            T2.9                9″            95mm

35mm            T1.5                 19″          95mm

50mm            T1.5                 12″          95mm

80mm            T1.5                18″           95mm

135mm          T2.9                28″          95mm

180mm          T2.9               5′              95mm