• PARALINX Arrow Wirless HDMI Transmission System

PARALINX Arrow Wirless HDMI Transmission System

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The Paralinx Arrow is a HDMI video transmitter that is small, low-powered, uncompressed with very low latency and simple to use. The petite transmitter and receiver lock to one another (unit-to-unit encrypted) with a range of at least 150 feet; multiple transmitter-receiver pairs can even be used in the same location.Transmitter and receiver weigh 8-ounces.

  • Full 1920x1080 10 bit 4:2:2 HD.
  • Up to 320' line of sight and up to 200' through walls.
  • Less than 2 MS Latency.
  • Ultra-lightweight small design
  • P-tap, USB, Battery, or A/C power.
  • Transmitter ( 1.125"W X 4" L X .5"D less than 2oz)
  • Reciever (2.25"W X 4" L X .75" D less than 3oz)